Sunday, January 6, 2008

the long way round

i bought tim the long way round (TV series) for xmas and we have been enjoying watching the different experiences that the journey presents (2 men ride from london to new york, the long way). so last night's viewing showed a moment where lateral thinking was required to get across a river that was gushing with water. ewan mcgregor reflects and says that he is enjoying the fact that this is the only time in his life where he has had to tackle problems like this, rather than go around, up or over. i was thinking that that's a lot of what happens in life in general.
the other day i went down to one of the dams with tim, where about 10 rams were stuck up to their necks in the dry but muddy dam. while admittedly i was no help at all, even getting in the way of the rams, there was no way around the situation but to run out on planks, lassoo rope around their horns and pull them out. there is no shortcut. for me there's some similarity in the happenings of daily problems - i need to learn the benefits of getting on with the job!
wedding planning also seems to be following the analogy of the long way round, but it will be here soon enough, and it will happen in a planned, or unplanned fashion, as the case may be. i will be posting the dvd invitation sometime soon for those whose addressees i still haven't got my hands on (i think we're down to 3 which is helpful!).

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