Tuesday, January 15, 2008

mornings and evenings

"It is difficult to accept that life is difficult; that love is not easy and that doubt and struggle, sufering and failure, are inevitable for each and every one of us. We seek life's ease. We yearn for joy and release, for flowers and sun. And although we may find these in abundance we also find ourselves lying awake at night possessed by the terrible fear that life is impossible...Nature however requires that we have the darkness of our painful feelings and that we respect it and make a bold place for it in our lives. Without its recognition and acceptance there can be no true sense of life's great depth, wherein lies our capacity to love, create and make meaning...Nature requires that we be soulful and therefore require a dimension within us where darkness and light may meet and know each other. Mornings and evenings somewhere inside, with similar qualities to the mornings and the evenings of the earth.."
Michael Leunig always comes along just when i need him. This is something I read that helps me remember that everything belongs. I am on countdown to the wedding and looking forward to the rich time with friends that is approaching. Here's to the coexistence of mornings and evenings.

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