Thursday, January 31, 2008

never put pickle in vegemite jars

i have just this instant learnt: never pour hot zucchini pickle into vegemite jars. while i'm sure you can guess what happened i will tell you that while tim was holding the jar, it shattered in his hands. shame steph alexander forgot to mention the above heading when explaining her zucchini pickle. crisis averted and i have 3 other jars of zucchini pickle in the fridge.

in other news...i find myself addicted to other people's blogs and procrastinating my own. i need to be more disciplined as this is proving an effective way to give voice to this newish farm wife life. heading to the big smoke this coming week for some much needed girlfriend time and general being together. while it feels like life moves slowly in such a remote location, i do learn such lessons every day, and i would like to document my shift from driven career woman to something else (as seems to be happening). will let you know what that turns out to be.


Elisa said...

yes do find the discipline. i love your blogs and the transition from super busy career and study woman to a slower lifestyle is of interest to follow... plus those good tips in case i ever decide to pickle stuff... love e

Harry Wykman said...

Hi Kath,

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your transition. It's one I hope to make myself some time except maybe afarmhusband.