Saturday, January 19, 2008

this esperance summer

If I had a digital camera that worked, I would take a picture of the view out the window. It has been overcast and drizzly all weekend. It is good for the garden, I keep thinking! Good weekend home produce wise - 7 eggs today and many capsicums ripening on my plants!! While the grasshoppers have made the vegie patch their home, the capsicums, tomatoes a nd sunflowers have survived.
Have just spent the weekend off the farm, and it has done a world of good to my state of mind. Things are still ticking along for the wedding, and it is now 41 sleeps. i had intended to write a blog entry as soon as I got home to express my rage at the poor service at most food shops in Esperance - but it is interesting what time and space do to priorities. Suffice to say that the Turkish shop in town ran out of bread to wrap around kebabs by 8pm....
Tim is spreading clay at the moment, and I have just been to get a load of flat rocks in lieu of slabs for the garden. Hope summer is treating you well wherever you are.

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barrandgirl said...

Just doing an official RSVP for The Wedding on your blog! You didn't have that as an option but I thought I'd be very 2008 and blog my reply. Looking forward to it. I've already chosen my outfit!