Friday, December 21, 2007

cows vs. cappucinos

i am back from a blogging absence. i have spent some time away in perth and melbourne, and have been home for a week now reflecting on the trip and how life seems different every time you step away and come back.
this morning before breakfast we went to stand near some cows to help them get used to people, and i had a revelation about "would i like a cow or a cappucino right now". watching the sun glint off the clouds and a formation of birds fly by, i think i'm finally making a space for me in this farm wife life. i did enjoy the buzz and life of a city while i was away, but i noticed how slowly i move now and how mostly people look rushed and busy in big places.
the unfortunate revelation for the week has been that the plant i thought was cucumbers in my vege patch is sadly a noxious weed, so this weekend i need to start pulling it out...

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