Monday, June 2, 2008

a country gathering

here's a birthday invite i got the other day - love it!

You know how we've said we must catch up.Well, we will. Instead of fighting the crowds for a bit of yum cha, why don't you come over for a textural marvel.? You'll get messy hands,top heavy heated up and a big, glossy lipped grin and chin.!!!Chunks of dough, herbs,onion,
figs,chorizo and the like,all topped with oozy,gooey cheese's. Yep,thats right mate, it's a's birthday on tuesday 10th June. So lunch at my place for a 10.30ish start.Bring the vino.We're going to cook a pizza or 10.It doesn't matter how late or early you are just join the mob!Please rsvp. Some things are best done in crowds.Some things are funny and irreverent and also taste good.Some recipes just seem to suit our bush lifestyle. So don't worry about the day before or the day after ,just join the mob,tell worn jokes, watch the rain and catch up. We really must.
P.S- the birthday girl insist's no present's or she will knock your teeth out!!!

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