Wednesday, May 28, 2008

time out

i've just come back from some time out from all things esperance. some time spent with a wise woman who has helped me feel that i may just be able to manage the opportunities and limits that this farm wife life presents. she sent me home with a rooster in the back of the car - fortunately it was silent for the whole trip, or it would have been a long 7 hours.
the rooster is alive and well, which is lucky - as there have been other deaths while i've been away. one calf, and half my vege patch. the sheep were left to roam the house block, which includes my carefully tended vegetables. unfortunately a lamb got its head stuck in the makeshift fence around the veges and pulled it down. you can see how that story ends. lulu is the only calf left and going strong - think we're over the most tricky time for that pet hopefully.
i don't think i'm at the stage where i can healthily philosophize about farm life yet. hoping my resilience to challenges improves in the near future. this covers everything from seeing your farmer 15 minutes in 24 hours, to being told your hand fed pet has gone to "calfie heaven"...

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