Monday, May 12, 2008

dead stuff

It still hasn't rained yet. So not much to blog about really in that regard. Today a whole heap of sheep walked into the dam behind our house for water except the dam is empty. And they got stuck and died. There is a distinct smell of rotting that is in the whole house - yuk. I am going to town tomorrow so will be good to get away from the smell and the disheartening emotions it provokes.
I got two more calves last week but one died after having muscle tremors and falling over a lot. So I have one more feisty calf who is still in the chookpen calming down - I keep telling her there is such a thing as peaceful coexistence.
Tim and I kayaked across the Esperance bay on the weekend and it was great to do something like that together. Inspired to do more and develop my upper body definition...Tim working at night a bit at the moment so generally desperate and dateless at present - spending a lot of time trawling free sewing pattern sites on the internet is keeping me entertained.

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