Thursday, January 22, 2009

long time no blog

It's been a while. But determined to get back on this wagon. It is difficult to summarise the events of the past 3 months except to say that I am STILL pregnant and waiting for the arrival of the minifarmer or farm wife. 4 weeks to go now and so we are close. Harvest finished 2 weeks ago and so we have been tied up with all things that are involved with that. We've had a few weddings, some family visit from the UK and Christmas which didn't really feel like Christmas since everyone around here was still inthe middle of getting their crops off. I've done a small amount of sewing for baby, but really still have eyes bigger than my capability at this point. I am hoping once the baby's sex is revealed it might be easier to be inspired...we'll see.

Home renos have commenced and so it does feel like we are living in a dustbowl crossed with an insect zoo at the moment. Think biblical plague of grasshoppers, moths and frogs, mixed with dust. But I was brave and had friends to visit on the weekend, and they were very polite - their sons even used fly swats to kill as many grasshoppers as they could.

Have posted some photos to pictorially document the last little while - talk soon.

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