Thursday, January 22, 2009

the bump


barrandgirl said...

Whoo hoo! Something like 2 weeks to go now. Hope the reno's are treating you well or that you've made the move to town. Looking forward to hearing all the stories. Next photo you might be 8lbs lighter! Rach

kirsten said...

back in december i emailed you that you had won blue kangaroo on my blog. as i haven't heard from you, i was wondering if i might be able to donate the blue kangaroo to raise money for the victorian bushfire relief fund? i hope this is okay. if i don't hear from you by this friday, i will assume you are okay with this and will proceed with the donation. otherwise, please email me your address and i can post our hoppy little friend to you!
best wishes on the imminent arrival - i am assuming your little bundle has arrived and you are enjoying all the love and joy this time brings to you and your husband.
bestest wishes!