Sunday, July 13, 2008

a farm child

Yes it's true. A farm child is adding to this equation of farm wife and farmer. We are due on the 20th February, and I will try to get a copy of the ultrasound picture up sometime soon. So reason for my aforementioned sickness - quite extreme nausea and tiredness hve led to very low activity levels. I am definitely not doing 10000 steps every day...the farmer has also taken on the culinary mantle as I retch on walking into the kitchen which is turning out to be quite effective 'conditioning' for those of you who studied psych at uni. So while we are very thankful for this new life, we are eagerly awaiting 12 weeks when I may be able to tolerate the smell of cheese again. All of my predictions about how I would feel when pregnant are not coming is definitely about being in the moment at this stage. We are expecting a visit from sister, brother and cousin next week to improve the social situation around here - looking forward to having friends to be with.


Amanda Rowe said...

hey cath - huge congrats on the news, I came across your blog via Mrs Barr's a place I often stop in at to catch up on wee Angus's progress and of course tthe comings and goings of his parents.

Hope the sick feeling moves on for you soon and you can start to enjoy your tummy growing :-)

We are on the countdown here, 26ish sleeps till our little man is due to enter the world - can't say I'm looking forward to the birth-day but hey gotta get em out somehow :-)

you take care
amanda rowe xx

Elisa Pepall said...

Hey love, congrats on getting this far. Will extend my current prayer for health and safety for mums and bubs! Love E xoxo

Chris said...

wow Kath big congrats to you and Tim! I hope you guys have many good dreamy momnets imagining the life of your child and I hope the sickness goes soon.. Vegemite crackers did it for me!