Saturday, April 26, 2008

turning thirty

thirty's just around the corner for me (about a month). And I'm having somewhat of a problem with that. So I thought I should use the opportunity to do thirty things around the date of my birthday to help distract from this event. I've got about 10 things so far.
One of the things I am feeling acutely as thirty approaches is my current lack of engagement with social justice. My work at the moment involves working with the most disadvantaged people in Esperance, and while I feel I do offer them a chance to interact with a health professional, it doesn't feel like much changes when they walk out the door. In the past my volunteer work has given me a chance to maintain an outwards focus, but here's the issue. If I spend any length of time in Esperance, I generally bump into clients who would rather not see me. And sometimes I would rather not see them. So while I continue with this work, it makes it hard to have personal relationships with people who are marginalised without crossing some boundary. So I'm pondering what to do as I turn thirty - feeling more self-centred than I ever have before. The movie that triggered this for me is the Oasis movie off the ABC - but I think the change that may happen can only be good.
Tim is working long hours again as we have started seeding crops. This weekend I am finding that difficult - talking to yourself has nobs on it.

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Interesting comments - I am also a health professional working with disadvataged clients. It must be difficult in a small community. In the metro area I would rarely run into clients.

In answer to your query about labels, I got mine from (go to the online shopping tab). I received them within 3 days of ordering and I was happy with the quality - they were relatively inexpensive.