Wednesday, November 14, 2007

keeping ourselves company

lately, tim, myself and the dog have been keeping ourselves company so to speak. i haven't blogged for a little while because it's harvest. this means that tim is working long hours and i am working hard to keep myself company. tonight i cooked for 5 men.
the photo shows one of the 3 headers and a chaser bin that collect the grain once the header is full.
the other photo is of our dog millie, who i love very much. she played well with her new frisbee today - she actually brings it back which is a novelty.
keeping yourself company can be scary. you have no-one or nothing to distract you or censor your thoughts. today was particularly hard and i distracted myself (from myself) with TV - something i am trying to limit. tomorrow i may go to a friend's farm for lunch - harvest is a good time to do ladies lunches. but then it might rain tomorrow and all bets will be off!
ps. as you can tell i am still learning about how not to blog - accidentally uploaded a picture that was not the right way round - oh well.

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