Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a bull at a gate

I decided yesterday that I really needed to start a blog. I have been pondering one for a while, as a way of venting some experiences into cyberspace, and hopefully keeping friends and family updated more than I seem to do.

I live on a farm 140kms east of Esperance, with my partner Tim. We are about to tie the knot - and in the process I am about to become a farmer's wife.

Yesterday. Still in my PJs, and unfortunately on the toilet, when I realised that 4 bulls and my 2 pet calves had somehow escaped from their paddock. And were slowly munching their way through my garden. Here is a photo of them obediently running back to whence they came after being frantically moved from standing on the septic tanks...

Tonight we are celebrating the end of swathing the canola with a BBQ including steaks the size of dinner plates. Over and out.

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